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Capturing Acai

Get To Know Me

From the moment I held my first Kodak The Handle Instant Camera, the world became a canvas of fleeting moments begging to be frozen in time. The satisfying click, the peel of the paper, and the sudden appearance of a captured memory – it was magic. That childhood spark ignited a passion that has grown into Fayla Photography.

Each click of my shutter isn't just about recording an image; it's about freeze-framing the moment. I don't just take pictures; I strive to capture emotions. 

My philosophy is simple: every moment deserves to be celebrated, every story deserves to be told. So, let me tell your story. Let me freeze the laughter, the tears, the quiet triumphs that make you, you. Whether it's the intimate elegance of a wedding, the unbridled joy of a family reunion, or the quiet beauty of a solitary walk-in nature, I'm here to translate your emotions into lasting memories.


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